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Behind the direction of Robert Peters, stars Ronald Taylor, Leslie Akuoko, Prieska Outland, Bree Poppy Davis, along with other supporting actors, perfectly delivered the importance and shed light on a heavy subject that’s happening more than we care to know - HUMAN TRAFFICKING!

MEET THE SNOWS is based upon the abduction of the daughter of the “Snows” - a wealthy connected family, into a black-market sex trafficking ring.

The film was captured in Atlanta, but keep in mind, human trafficking occurs in every corner of the globe. The Snows daughter Ye, who doesn’t typically hang out, decided to go out to a “college party” with her roommate, Naomi. Naomi, was being a bad influence and encouraged Ye to take an X pill, telling her to “live a little.

Living a little, almost cost her a lot when she became incoherent in the club, instead of the college party. Her friend Naomi wanted to be with the “big boy” so much she allowed him to put Ye in a ride-share, by herself and stayed with him.

While she was partying, her parents were having dinner discussing the human trafficking happening in the city. Motherly instinct had Vanity (mom) feeling concerned, but dad swayed her to relax. Unfortunately, getting that call in the morning brought out the lion and lioness in Vanity and Ryan.

Unknown, to the kidnappers, Ye’s parents are well-trained in munitions and former special ops. They both will go to any lengths to make sure their daughter is found, safe and sound, and it has to happen within 48 hours.

The cinematography of this film was superb, the camera placement and movement stood out the most especially when Ye was out cold in the bar. The technology used in the film was UNimaginable, but more than likely possible for some.

I’ve seen similar films, but I especially LUV that this one is for the culture. There were some instances where some tweaking could occur, but with a story like this, the celebration is the highlight of something very crucial. Of course, I won’t share the outcome, but I highly recommend this film.

To top it off Vanity (mom) talked about vacationing on the island where I was born and raised, St. Croix, U.S.V.I.

Meet The Snows 4.5/5


Plot ❤️

Theme ❤️

Cinematography ❤️

Mise-En-Scene 💔

Meet the Snows is now streaming on Tubi for free. Don’t forget when you view it to hit the thumbs up button, this helps move the film to most popular.

You can find out more about this and other films by visiting their social media @meethesnows.

If you ever suspect human trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline

toll free (888) 373-7888.

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