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Book so nice, he ran it back TWICE.

Then turned it into a play and now one of the most popular films.

“He Said, She Said” was written AND expertly directed by Dennis Reed II. This book was once a play in 2010 and the movie was released in 2021. Dennis says he “writes about his life and allows people to act it.” Now if these stories are indeed about his life, you may never know.

This ro-drama (romantic/drama) filled film has an all-star cast that gave an exceptional performance. It included Juju Castaneda, Lemastor Spratling, Chris Flanagan, Mena Monroe, Kaamel Hasaun, Velda Hunter, and Elle Breaunna, just to name a few. There’s two sayings that stick out when I watched this film. “Once a player, always a player” and "The sins of the parent, falls on the child."

The male lead Kenyon, played by Lemastor Spratling, despite his efforts to be a “good guy” can’t be relieved of his player demons. Due to his struggle, he may lose the one woman he genuinely loves.

Sequoia aka Koi, Kenyon's girlfriend, is played by former Love & Hip Hop of NY star, Juju Castaneda. She’s an ambitious and wealthy womanon her own, but she loves the dirt he walks onand wants to be with him. Then he placed his head on the chopping block (I can't tell you how). This drove her to attempt to make herself happy, but everything spiraled.

I won't say if this is the beginning, middle or end, but this is when the caca was about to hit the fan.

He Said, She Said is an emotionally strong film that Director Dennis “directly” steered with a great flow that kept your attention. However, there's a web of lies and deceit that caused heartbreak to a myriad of individuals. This film is sure to have you reconsider your relationships with friends and family, and also be skeptical about creating new relationships.

He Said, She Said 5/5 Hearts


Plot ❤️


Theme ❤️

Cinematography ❤️

He Said, She Said is streaming on Tubi for free. Don’t forget when you view it to hit the thumbs up button, this helps move the film and keep them in the most popular.

You can find out more about other films written and directed by Dennis Reed II by visiting his social media @dennisreedii or @dr2productions.

Follow me on all platforms @thecoriluvshow and subscribe to my website for more reviews and updates on black indie films.

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3 comentarios

02 abr 2023

I love that you are showcasing the black film industry. Interesting to know that it was once a play. Awesome review ❤️

Me gusta

29 mar 2023

Veryyy good review!! Definitely watched the movie after this review!

Me gusta
30 mar 2023
Contestando a

That’s good to know.

Me gusta
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