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Create Your Own Visual Style Meet Tequoia Urbina: Award Winning Filmmaker

Tell us a little about Tequoia.

I am an award-winning filmmaker based in Atlanta. I don't say it to be boastful. I acknowledge my accomplishments to inspire others. I'm a middle-aged, divorced, single mother of three spirited teenagers. I chose to go after my dreams and teach my children that you must live authentically and passionately for what you do. Filmmaking is my calling, and telling stories is my way of connecting to the human experience.

Do filmmakers really say, "Lights, Camera, Action?"

No, we don't say that phrase on set. The Director or 1st Assistant Director calls "Action" and "Cut."

Everyone writes a good book or script, according to them. What are three KEY components you look for when selecting a script to film?

I currently write my own scripts and have yet to direct someone else's screenplays, but I am open to the opportunity. I prefer to film horror or sci-fi with a strong female lead and diverse casting. Three things important to me in a script are fully developed lead characters, authentic dialogue, and a well-structured story arc.

What's your directing style?

From day one of pre-production, I create a culture of community on my sets. Everyone in the production is valuable to the project and contributes to the film's success. I allow the talent and crew to showcase their talents, and I want to highlight them throughout the project's life. We are a team; we work together to create magic and share in its achievements.

What do you think is the most important aspect of directing?

Connecting with your talent and crew is the most essential aspect. The Director is the "captain," but the ship sinks with little mutual respect.

If you were given a $5 million budget, what would be your ideal film project?

I would film my horror feature, The Deacon. I would shoot it in Atlanta with my crew and ideal cast. $5 million is still considered a low budget, but it would greatly impact the production quality.

3 FUN FACTS about Tequoia

I love spelunking.

I once auditioned for American Idol.

When I was 16, I went deaf for a few months, and when my hearing returned,

I had superhuman hearing.


Thanks for sharing your filmmaker journey with us. We're looking forward to more films in the future.

If you're interested in releasing a film, preferably Sci-Fi, feel free to contact Tequoia Urbina.



Behind the scene is where even more work goes into play to create a film. Without the majority of the people behind the scenes, what we see on screen could not be possible. Let's make it our business to "spotlight" those that help create your favorite scenes.

If you know someone that should be spotlighted go ahead and shine the light.

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