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candice fowler PRO FILM makeup artist

Tell us a little about Candice.

My name is Candice Fowler from Detroit, MI. Some call me Candy or Can. I am a 31 year old, Pro Film Makeup Artist and Head of the makeup department for DR2 Productions. I started doing makeup in 2010 and started working in the film industry 2020.

Do you need different makeup training to become a celebrity/on-set makeup artist?

When it comes to being a Pro/Celebrity/Film MUA you have to be willing to learn different methods to see what works best for you. So, yes training is necessary even if you’re training yourself. Some think it’s easy, but makeup goes further than what you think such as the color wheel, undertones of your client so that you can match foundations etc.

candice fowler owner of f.a.b. styles

How do you deal with a rude or dissatisfied client?

It’s rare that I have dissatisfied clients because I make sure before they get up from my chair I ask if it’s anything they don’t like or want more of. Far as rude clients, it’s rare as well, but if I do come across those type of clients I won’t do their makeup. I am strong on energy and when I’m doing makeup, myself and the client is both in each other’s personal space and I won’t allow negative energy in mine.

What has been your favorite SFX makeup design of all time?

My all time favorite SFX makeup is the first time I decided to step out on faith, take it to the next step and go full throttle on a friend of mine SFX makeup for her Halloween party.

What are your 3 favorite or always go-to makeup brands?

My 3 favorite go to makeup brands is… Juvia’s Place, One Size and The Lip Bar.

Would you consider yourself self-taught or did you go to cosmetology school?

I am a self taught MUA, but I have a goal to find time to fly out to Dallas, Texas to take a course with Jeremy (M.U.A. Jeremy/@makeupbyjeremy) I love his work!!!

FUN FACTS about Candice

I’ve been on a reality show on MTV called

"MTVs The Challenge season 27 “Battle Of The Bloodlines”

I will also be appearing on another reality show that is Detroit based.

I do more than makeup. I do nails, as well, along with other things in the beauty field. You can call me Jackie Of All Trades!

Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

We're looking forward to seeing your work in more films in the future.




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candice fowler PRO FILM makeup artist

candice fowler PRO FILM makeup artist

candice fowler PRO FILM makeup artist

candice fowler sfx makeup artist - mtv reality show

candy coated beauty bar

candice fowler PRO FILM makeup artist

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