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When I first started doing media I was interviewing business owners. I’ve done grand openings, networking events and music festivals. However, when I realized I wanted to niche down, it was in the film industry. I was going in without any experience.

I saw that Mula Films had an opportunity for media for the Mcgraw Avenue Season 2 premiere and I submitted. Not confident enough in my self, I bought a ticket for the premiere. When I received the confirmation I was accepted to do media, I was TOO excited.

Remember, I had never done a premiere, I was taking a chance to get my feet wet. I flew to Detroit all by myself and took care of that. What's crazy was without realizing it 10/8/2022 was my 3rd year anniversary in media, first solo trip, first premiere and first time in Detroit. Ironic right?

When I arrived, Tee allowed me to come to the theater the night before and I was in awe. In awe of the attentiveness  and  the love that was shown. When they realized I was all the way from Florida, it was over. That made me family. I even met Murda for the first time that same night and all I could think of was Plug Love.😂

The following night, the night of the premiere, it was an experience like no other. Felt like I was on a movie set, the setup, the organized line up, the people and the fashion. I had THE BEST experience from start to finish. It set the standard for what I expected from all premieres.

Fast forward to being able to be on set a few months later and  seeing Thomas L. Harris, aka Coach in action put the chocolate icing on the chocolate cake. He’s pretty no nonsense, but all in love. On this particular day it was very, very cold, but just know that Elizabeth Foxx, Kyle Greenlaw or Chris C. did not complain. Neither did the crew. This the part that people don’t see that I want to shed light on. There was no heated tent or building, but they all endured it together with a smile, a jacket and gloves.

I will always have love for Mula Films for trusting me to be a part of something so dear to them and making me family. NO ONE can ever come between that. I’m that ride or die chic for Mula Films.

P.S. The next set I want to be on is HBlock. Matter of fact, I’m just putting that out there, I WILL be on that set. 👏🏽💪🏽❤️🤞🏽

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Cori is available to host your movie premiere, capture behind the scenes content, interview your cast/crew and write a blog for your production company or growing business. Follow her on Instagram

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Mar 30, 2023


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