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If you’re in the film industry, I am sure you’ve heard stories about treatment on sets; some good, some bad. I’ve heard some, but everyone has their own expectations and experiences.

What I can say is, Mr. Dennis Reed II was working his behind off the day I was on set, as I’m sure he does on a regular.

Yes, we’re adults, but being cared for and respected makes a difference in what you produce. There were some things that Dennis did while directing that really made me smile from the eye of an educator.

Here’s 4 things I observed at DR 2 Productions while they were filming for a new series called Street Legal!

He corrected, but followed up with a compliment.

It's okay to let someone know they did something wrong, but there's an old school saying, "it's not what you say, it's the way in which you say it." Tell me what I'm doing wrong, but there had to be something I did right.

He got his hand dirty, meaning he didn’t just tell, he showed and involved.

Have you ever seen coaches giving directions, but never doing the work? Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand. Dennis did it all, IN that order.

He repeatedly made sure everyone, EVERYone (including background) was okay.

Most people are so focused on getting the work done, but even in the midst of everything, like a true leader, Dennis repeatedly asked everyone if they were okay.

He allowed others to give their input.

There were a few other directors on set, plus an amazing AD, Deborah Lane, but Dennis graciously received suggestions and followed up.

I'm truly appreciative of the opportunity to be able to shadow him and see first hand how a "DOPE" director leads.

Follow Dennis Reed II on @dr2productions, @dennisreedii and partnering platform @homesteadentertainment

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