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Victorious International Outreach Foundation

Victorious International Outreach Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose purpose includes, but is not limited to...


Build Awareness to DIS-eases, Engage youth and Support the community. 


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DIS-ease Awareness

In Building Awareness we desire to build and bring awareness of not only DIS-eases, but awareness to issues that plague our community such as bullying, peer pressure, teenage pregnancy, human-trafficking, gun violence and improving educational opportunities. 

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Young  Dream Chasers Girls Club

In Engaging youth we desire to engage youths in outreach activities teaching them the value of appreciation. We want to give them opportunities to engage in the community. Enhance and develop their goals through networking, college visits, internships and other life-skill building opportunities. 

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Supporting the Community

In Supporting the community, we desire to help the less fortunate. We also strive to support other individuals in the community with information to further their education, events, job-searches, resources for children and anything that builds a PHENOMENAL individual. 

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