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         The Indie Plug who LUVS talking about all things                        


From what you see in front of the screen to what’s  happening behind the scenes.

Cori began doing interviews with business owners, non-profi
t organizations and individuals who had survival stories in 2019 and continued for 3 years.

She attended festivals, networking events and business grand openings. After doing over 100 interviews and events, in August of 2022, Cori decided to niche down and focus on all things as it pertains to Black Independent Films.

Her mission is to create awareness and be a positive space for the black independent film community. A place to promote their art and artistic growth through recognition, advertisement, movie recommendations, movie reviews, interviews, media coverage and more.

Cori stands by her motto,

"Films by Black Independents have meaning and are crucial to understanding the culture!"


If you would like to be a guest on the show, reserve your interview slot today. 


Interested in having Cori host/co-host your event,

attend a premiere or be on set to capture behind the scenes,  let the LUV begin.

Email her at




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